Create Your Dream Offer (Mini Course)

Walk away with your dream offer all mapped out and ready to sell!

In this 5 day mini course you will learn how to create an offer that you love and your dream customers want to pay for....IN JUST 5 DAYS!

What's included in the Bootcamp:

  • Create Your Dream Offer Live Bootcamp: 5 step-by-step lessons over 5 days on how to turn what you know into your dream offer

  • BONUS: Your Dream Offer Blueprint 

  • BONUS: Your Dream Offer Checklist 

  • BONUS: Little Book of Bonus Ideas

  • BONUS: Your Guide to Validating Your Offer Idea with Market Research

  • BONUS: Create Your Dream Course Masterclass

 Payment Details 

  • One payment only of $97 USD
  • Payment will be made via the payment option that you choose. 

What People Are Saying:

I already had a really clear idea on what I wanted my offer to be and had started on my outline, but there were a few details that were stopping me from taking action. The mini course guided me on how to best structure my content, confidently price my course and the best way to actually deliver it for the first time. These things made the world of difference and I went on to have a super successful first launch.

Louise Crozier, Graphic Designer

Before I did Lou's Dream Offer mini course, I only had a vague idea for my course, but after 5 days I had a clear outline and became really dialled into the small details that make a big difference. I loved that the bootcamp wasn't just learning more; it was implementing as you go, so by the end of it you could be ready to launch.

Melanie Sisson, Consultant

$97.00 USD