Turn your knowledge into an online product   

Is it time to turn your knowledge in to a leveraged income stream? 
But what?

A membership could be cool, an online course or maybe a group coaching program.

Choosing the right one for you can be make or break. Some digital products are designed to achieve certain things, so you need to make sure it's aligned with your goals.

In this 5 part podcast series, I cover all the different digital product types so that you can find the best one for you.

Listen in to each episode below...

Ep. 10: What Type of Digital Product is Right For You? 

I've seen far too many people create a new online product, only to launch it once and then enter the archives.  

Why is that? 

Because the type of digital product you choose is really important, for where you're at right now, your goals and your personality. 

Find out more in this episode. 

Ep. 11: Is a Signature Online Course Right For You?

Signature online courses are epic! They can help you scale up your income, give you back your time and so much more. 

But are you ready for it? 

Dive into this episode to learn more.  

Ep. 12: All About Monthly Memberships

Everyone wants to start a membership!! 

But is it really for you, and is it going to help you achieve your goals? There is more to them than meets the eye. 

I cover all that and more in this episode. 

Ep. 13: A Deep Dive into Mini Courses

Creating a mini course can be great if you're just getting started, but there's so many different types of mini courses. 

In this episode, I deep dive into the main ones and whether they're for you (or not!). 

Ep. 14: Should You Create a Group Coaching Program?

A group coaching program can change everything in your business...

But there's a few very important things to consider first. 

Find out in this episode if a group coaching program is for you!

Hi there, thanks for being here!

I'm Lou Blakely, host of the Lou Blakely Show, a digital product launch strategist & coach, and mum who's on a mission to create a business filled with freedom.  . 

I believe that we all can have businesses that create impact, make lots of money and give us the freedom we desire. 

I'm here to help you step up into the financial and time freedom that online courses can bring! 

Find the perfect product to turn your knowledge into passive income